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Unpaint the flags
and make a big sheet with them
beyond the borders
you will call my name…

I will never understand why people are so keen on asking you where are you from. The answer, in my case, will still always be the same: “I was born in Barcelona”. And I say it loud and clear, in eight languages if necessary, because I am very proud of it. But… if you keep asking me… I am from Barcelona, that’s right, but I’m also from the place where I am right now, where I live and where I have lived, even if it was for just one second in my life. Also, I am from many places where I’ve never been, and from many other that are just a point on a map or even don’t exist. I am from Barcelona, and proudly too from Madrid, from Berlin, from Longas, from “my” Great Britain, from Kanshenjunga, and this is just a sample.

That’s why I hate that the ones who were born at the same place as I did pretend to be owners of a land that does’nt belong only to them. And for those people, here’s a question: What do you think about this image?


To be honest? Me too. But please forgive me, quality apart I’m not able to see the difference between the last picture and this other one:


They both represent the same thing to me, but whoever loves one of them has to hate the other one. I hate what’s inside both of them. I don’t need flags nor national identity. I don’t need a “free” Catalonia nor an united Spain… and I don’t want it either, thank you.

If it finally happens, if our choice to decide goes on and they let me, I will surely vote YES to your independence. I give you your land back, I don’t want it anymore. Not this way.

It does’nt matter what History says. It’s too long ago for me. I don’t care about the Spanish Kings, from any Philip to the other, or the Barcelona counts

I just want a world where the most important is not where you come from but where you are. Your identity, like your religion, is something that you have to carry on inside. The earth missionaries should learn to teach to love each and every part of it, instead of hate the places that are beyond our mental borders. In my world no one should point me with their finger just because I speak a particular language, or if I say that I love a place that is not supposed to belong to me. A world full of cultures, colors and people.



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